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SIXT USA Opens a Newly remodeled Regional Office in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, September 23, 2019 — SIXT Rent A Car, the premier affordable luxury car rental service, just opened a stunningly designed Regional Office in Los Angeles. The new space is a manifestation of contemporary utilitarian minimalism and pays homage to the company’s German heritage. With exposed ceilings, open floor plan, multifunctional spaces, the newly remodeled space is a perfect reflection of a brand that’s bringing luxury and modern convenience to the car rental industry.

The overall design concept seeks to promote both form and function; in equal proportions, without sacrificing one for the other. The design emphasizes form through the use of soft curves in the architectural elements and in the furnishings. Furthermore, the neutral color palette paired with pops of color helps to provide harmony. 

The function is emphasized through the use of modern lines and materials, as well as through the incorporation of an open floor plan which facilitates easy movement and communication throughout the space. The office space flows effortlessly into the outdoors through a glass garage-style door; in addition, glass offices work to engender a sense of unity, while at the same time offering privacy. 

The green wall in the lunchroom helps to “bring the outside in” and connects the west coast Regional office to our Headquarter “SIXTgarten.” Lastly, the thread wall is an interactive art piece that helps to make the office more dynamic.

Drive or be driven: solving real-world mobility problems

The new space isn’t your typical rental car office, because SIXT is unlike any car rental company. It’s dedicated to solving all real-world mobility problems. One way they’ve done this is recognizing that renting a car isn’t always the practical option. To solve this, SIXT recently created a mobility app that combines renting with ride-hailing and ride-sharing. Drive or be driven, alone or sharing with others, right now or later, SIXT USA has the solution. It’s this kind of thinking that put them on Travel + Leisure’s top 5 rental companies in the world.

Showing no signs of taking their foot off the gas, SIXT USA is the fastest growing car rental company in the US, with over 1000 employees serving more than 50 rental locations in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Washington, Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Colorado, and Massachusetts.