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SIXT Rent A Car opens branch at Dulles airport

Washington D.C., September 10, 2019 — In a city famous for long speeches and endless debate, SIXT Rent A Car might just be the one thing everyone agrees on. The premier affordable luxury car rental service plans to enter the Washington DC market with a new Dulles airport location on September 3rd. The new opening is SIXT’s first out of the 3 airport locations in the US economic hub and promises to bring SIXT’s dedication to solving mobility problems to the mid-Atlantic region.

SIXT does things differently, and it’s not just the fact that their fleets are filled with Mustangs, BMWs and other fun to drive cars. It’s their recognition of how people are using cars, and a willingness to make getting from A to B as easy as possible. One way they’ve done this is recognizing that renting a car isn’t always the practical option. To solve this, SIXT recently created a mobility app that combines renting with ride-hailing and ride-sharing. Drive or be driven, alone or sharing with others, right now or later, SIXT USA has the solution. It’s this kind of thinking that put them on Travel + Leisure’s top 5 rental companies in the world.

As an important network airport for SIXT, the Dulles Airport branch promises a firmer foothold in its Northeast and opens up the opportunity to earn the attention of government business and international business travelers. The new location is also good news for people in the job market, as SIXT was recently awarded the “Great Place to Work” certification. SIXT USA has continued to expand operations with over 1000 employees serving more than 50 rental locations in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Washington, Texas, Connecticut, New Jersey, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, New York, Colorado, and Massachusetts.

About Sixt: 

SIXT has its global headquarters in Pullach near Munich and is a leading international provider of car rental services for business and leisure travelers. The company’s strengths are in its high proportion of premium cars in the fleet and its employees’ consistent personalized service. Together these strengths have given SIXT a leading market position. SIXT was founded in 1912 and maintains alliances with world-renowned hotels, leading airlines, and numerous prominent service providers in the tourism sector.